Hey! I'm Kristina, a soul on a mission to help you

exist brightly!

We are on the rise friend, and the time is NOW to honor your light & mission.


But first, we have to get out of the GREY and into our LIVES.

I put myself in a place in 2017, where I knew I had to TRY and discover what my MAGIC was.

Little did I know, that I had been walking my sacred path all along- and one of the keys was just giving myself the breathing room ( bye-bye Mimosa’s!) to do the Sacred Work.

Here I am, two years later- LEADING WOMEN INTO THEIR LIGHT.

Looking back now, I would have never guessed this is where my path was leading me. I am a certified yoga teacher, celebrated tattooer, published photographer, and occasional model.

It is through my devotion to self discovery + expansion that I have been able to navigate the ins and outs of creating a business that aligns with my sacred vision and purpose.

Once the call within you awakens, you WILL NOT be able to turn it off!

I believe your business is a call to your sacred work, it is how the divine is working through YOU.


See yourself for who you truly are, a child of the Divine, and a fucking force to be reckoned with.
— Kristina Santiago

Become an Expert in Your Expansion and explore these options!

Sister, the time is now to unfurl your true gifts, embody your voice, and activate in your soul work. Your worthiness is NON-NEGOTIABLE. So step in, say YES, and lean in to the dream with me babe!