5 Tips to UNFUNK Yourself

Hey Sister!

These past few weeks has been full of lessons and energetic confusions. We are processing massive growth, shift, and a serious reframing of our values.

It’s not easy to stay the course when we have so many sources of judgment.

So many sources of information, and we don’t KNOW ourselves yet.


I just wanted to reaffirm your growth, reaffirm your worth, reaffirm your beauty, and your voice.

YES, you are here for a great purpose- and NO- it isn’t going to look like anyone elses story.

That can be fucking scary. Because all we think we have, is the external sources of information, of how it’s supposed to come together.

We lack the trust, the rest, and the KNOWING ( not the thinking- but the deep soul knowing), that we are on our unique ( and correct) path.

If you are feeling funky, like you are under water- watching the rest of world achieve here are some tips to UNFUNK yourself.

  1. MEDITATE. I can not stress this enough. Take 10-20 (or MORE!) minutes a day to find pause. I promise you in a few days the rabbit hole of thoughts will weigh less- and the silence will bring greater joy.

  2. ASSESS & APPRECIATE. You have come so far sweet one. SO FAR. Literally, miles, years, schooling, experience, traumas, tears, laughter, and so much more. It’s OKAY, that you aren’t exactly where you want to be. (I’m writing this one for me too girlfriend!) But again, we have enough right now, WE ARE ENOUGH right now. And the dreams are arriving the more deeply we appreciate WHO we are.

  3. CONNECT. Our culture has perpetuated the cycle of fear around female bonding. But in this sacred rise, we are SEEING + KNOWING how valuable deeper female connection is. We are going to grow through, and shift this pain into trust TOGETHER. So reach out to your homegirl and get real. It feels so GOOD to be heard, and to be able to share your honest needs. Also- don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  4. SHAKE IT UP. Move your boooody girlfriend. Root chakra realignment (at the base of the torso) is happening as we transition into new phases and new mindsets. And heyyy, if you are moving, guess what- your root is gonna be poppin’ and maybe even loose. Walk, run, dance, do BRIDGE pose. Reconnect and have that dialogue with this space.

  5. LET PEOPLE GO. This one’s a toughy. Sometimes, as we evolve, people who we once felt so connected to and loved by no longer fit our energetic needs. It’s ok, if you have to end friendships or partnerships to SERVE YOURSELF. Trust that sacred nudge within you- take the space you need, and open to receiving the connections that align with your fresh vibration.

Honor your Ritual girlfriend, and every day- do something kind for yourself. If you haven’t already- the time is now to SIGN UP for Reveal Your Ritual!


Lets get in there sweet friend, and discover what truth is revealing itself to you.

There is a MAGIC within you, and it is ever so patiently waiting for you to open to it.

It is always an honor to share space with you! Thank you SO much for being here! Drop me a line below if this post resonated with you!