How to Have Grace in Patience

If you are like me, you wanted your success, your wealth, and your program launched yesterday.

The website, the podcast, the 10k followers on IG SHOULD have already been here.


Hit the pause button with me sweet one.

I wanted to talk today about how to have grace in patience.

There are two ways patience goes down. It either arrives, and is forced into your life- because for the first time ever (or perhaps the millionth), you realize you can’t control everything- and you can’t always make results happen in perfect timing.

It is bittersweet, causes frustration and late nights watching netflix just so your mind can’t shame you around what it thinks “SHOULD” already be here.

I invite you here, in this moment- to make the word “SHOULD” a red flag word. A word that, if it comes up in your mental dialogue, you immediately pause, and take a synapsis assessment of what is firing off in that beautiful mind of yours, and get real clear on the conversation that is happening.

There is no such thing as “SHOULD”. Isn’t that a crazy concept? If we take the word “should “ out of our dialogue, wouldn’t that completely shift how our life is seen?

For me, taking that dirty word out of my dialogue has helped me realize that my perfection is in the NOW.

There is nothing more powerful than this realization. The only thing I should be, is exactly who I am, and where I am in this moment.

And that brings a whole new sensation into the mix.

A feeling of deep grace.

An understanding that patience is truly just a mastery of our thought patterns, and a release of the race.

A full surrender to our own divine life.

An understanding that we do not have control over every little thing. And that we should really celebrate that instead of get frustrated at it.

What it feel like to allow yourself to be PROUD and LOVED as you are in this moment?

What it feel like to allow yourself to be PROUD and LOVED as you are in this moment?

Once we hand over our expectations, relinquish our need for instant results- we are presented with a whole new opportunity of LIVING.

A life that is free to unfold, that is open to guidance, and OPEN to receive.

Because my goodness, when our Sacred is trying to guide us to success, hand us the keys to our souls development and abundance- and we have put up a wall around how it “SHOULD” look like...

Well, our Sacred will wait for us to come around. It might mean more tears, more emotional triggers, more frustration, but Sacred knows that we have all the time in the world.

And at some point in time- whether you want to or not- you will surrender to patience.

I wanted to offer a few tips on how I, an Aries- Aries Rising, had to have everything done yesterday, need to be the leader, and have to save the world (plus get the credit for it) have learned to temper my fire.

FIrst off, when the heat comes ( typically as I near the start of my cycle) and I am really needing to see the results of launches and programs my first tendency is typically to feed my ego.

My ego LOVES social media. Not to lift me up, but to show many how many people are out there doing it perfectly and experiencing success right now.

Ego wants me to think that I can do it now if I just did it their way.

This ego LOOOOVES to make me feel worthless, use less, and like the whole life has been or naught.

So first step, if I see that I cannot seem to put my phone away for more then 30 minutes without perusing the instafamous peoples- I shut it off or put it on airplane mode and leave it be.

And I mean LEAVE IT BE. There is nothing on there that is instantly going to resolve your energy issue right this second (except of course, perhaps this post XD).

I’m big in forcing myself to journaling in to WHY I feel like I SHOULD be/have/accomplish more than I already have. It is a great way to remind myself of my “ no strings attached” WORTHINESS.


So lets just do this thing and amplify our grace, embody our sweetest selves.

Will you open to this idea with me sweet one? Open to receive with grace and patience?

Will you open to this idea with me sweet one? Open to receive with grace and patience?

Take a soak in a tub with epsom salt if you are really feeling like a ticking “SHOULD” bomb. That is always a fantastic way to let your energies move through you and beyond you.

Essentially, what I hope to share with you in this offering, is that there is a way to be graceful when life or business is not necessarily “developing” in the way you think it “should”.

Also, where is that idea coming from? Probably from external input. So again- stop seeking for grace outside, forgiveness, or reasoning as to why it’s “not working out” your way.

Just let it be. Take more time to slow down and be you.

And let this life flow in to meet you, guide you, and move you forward  to your own unique perfection.

Sending you all the love and GRACE.

Trusting that you are in the perfect place in time.

And honoring this journey with you. I would LOVE to hear what this article brought clarity to, leave me a comment below, and sign up for my email list to receive more of this soul healing right to your inbox!


Kristina Santiago