Ready to bring a devotional element to your business?

You are HERE, NOW- because you serve a higher purpose. Spirit, Divine, God. Devotional Business Academy is for those of you who are here to move our collective forward.

Healers, Coaches, Reiki, Body Workers, Connectors, Amplifiers, Guides, Writers, Body Workers, Chefs, this work is applicable to ANY and ALL of us who are ready to enrich our connection to SPIRIT and turn up the FLOW + IMPACT of our businesses.

We are going to RAISE the VIBE


Amplify the ABUNDANCE.

I made this three week devotional practice as a way for you to crank up YOUR magic, and shine BRIGHTER in your BIZ.

Join me today and receive access to BONUS CALLS on Sunday September 8th, and Sunday 9/15. And heck YES! There is a Payment Plan!


Understand WHY your VALUES are the foundation for your BUSINESS.

TRUST that YES! You can build a business that FEELS great, and serves YOU.

I realized I was searching for the spirit in the strategy, instead of letting the STRATEGY come through my SPIRIT.

Our business is a devotion to the call for greater good. And I wanted to offer something magical for those of you who are here for BIG work. In this offering I will be sharing my daily practices on how I have turned my business and the tasks involved into a devotional acts…. and oh yeah- HOW TO MAKE MONEY by being YOURSELF.

Devotional Business Academy includes:

21 days of Sacred work to honor and amplify your GIFTS + TRUTH

  • Meditations to AMPLIFY your SACRED

  • Creative Collective Facebook Group

  • Sacred Energy Work + Readings

  • Business Intention Setting

  • Client Call In + Manifestation

  • Boss Babe Self Care


  • TWO LIVE CALLS for Group Coaching (9/22 + 10/6) & ✨Bonus Call Access for Early Enrollees (9/8 & 9/15)!

 This experience is going to reveal your ritual in your business. I have never seen anything offered like this before- so get in while the getting is GOOD!

kristinaheadshot (1).jpg

I don’t play small.

And let’s be real, you don’t come in to MY VORTEX because you have meek things to do. We are WORLD SHIFTERS, and I want to serve you in the magic I know best to help amplify your MAGIC.

Join me, and other sacred soul sisters in aligning with our truth, amplifying our gifts, and creating the life and biz we desire.

These stardust filled three weeks are going to change how you view your business, and how you see your role in this life time.

Without YOU, I would not be here. We would not be here.

It is always an honor to work with you and a gift to serve in this rise.

If you have questions, please hit the CONTACT button above and send me an email!

With love,


Be here now, and honor your sacred gifts in a way that will uplevel your vision and service to us all.

Receive daily emails with unique and valuable tools to help you align and empower your soul work. Meditation, self discovery, manifestation, + practical biz tools all in ONE.

This is meant for YOU & You were MEANT for this WORK.