Quality is Everything

I have been using essential oils for over 15 years in my self care & ritual practice. I love adding drops to my diffuser to bring a specific energy into my space, or creating a magical bath to heal the body and spirit.

I’ll be honest with you- I used to shop for my oils on Amazon because I didn’t really think too much about the composition of the oil.

I mean, if a product says it’s “100% PURE” then, it’s 100% pure, right? WRONG.

The Essential Oil business is like the Wild West right now, under-regulated, and over populated.

dōTERRA’s sourcing ethics are what made me a lifetime receiver.

Interested in learning more about dōTERRA’s co-impact Sourcing and how they are taking responsibility for their product, as well as the communities they touch: WATCH THIS.


Aligning with the Business

As a soul-centered ceo on a mission to liberate, and support women on the path of self care and connection to the sacred aligning with dōTERRA’s business model is one that deeply admire.

They provide ALL the resources you need to embody this business at whatever level you feel is appropriate for you.

Team Bright is built on the foundation of SELF CARE first. We lead classes, offer tons of resources, and connect you to powerful people to help you rise in this business.

Interested in joining my team? FILL THIS OUT & I will get back to you shortly!


Ready to Arrive into dōTERRA as a Wholesale Customer?

Not sure if building the business is the space where you want to start?

That is TOTALLY okay girlfriend!

I would still love to serve you in connecting with these oils, and I invite you to enroll as a Wholesale Customer.

This membership allows you to receive 25% off the retail prices of all products, and is a $35 yearly commitment (NOT auto charged).


And you get access to the AMAZING Loyalty Rewards Program which is our point system that allows you to receive an absolutely abundant return on all products!

Thank You for being here, and I look forward to helping you elevate your self care, embody your dreams, and step into the most powerful version of you yet!