Dream weaving with kristina santiago

The next 90 days are going to be MAGICAL ✨

How would it feel to have a clear dream, an accountability partner, and a plan to bring it all together?

 I know the answer to that- and it is, MARVELOUS!

Dream Weaving is my 90-day 1:1 mentorship offering where I help women just like you step fully into the next version of themselves in life and business.

I remember not so long ago, when I was trying to navigate building my biz, staying in my vibrant alignment, and raise my pitbull puppy with love and patience. I found myself feeling overwhelmed, confused, and irritated that I wasn’t seeing the progress I craved in my life + biz.

I opted in to ALL the FREEBIES, and ended up with an inbox that looked as cluttered as my mind felt.

Finally, I found a mentor, leapt into a mastermind- and machete’d my way through the bullshit. I got crystal clear on my vision, created my own detailed plan of action- and OWNED MY EXPANSION.

The overwhelm became surrender as I tapped in to my spiritual practice. The confusion dissipated into clarity as I gave myself the time and attention I needed to nourish my dream. The irritation became GRACE, as I accepted my learning.

What I learned in my struggle is I needed:





And that’s exactly what Dream Weaving is here for. Get clear on your service, create a foundation of devotional business development, and MEET YOUR RISE.

Dream Weaving launches into the widened perspective- breathing life into expansion and receiving- and weaving our thoughts, actions, and intentions together into creation.

Ready to take ownership of your expansion and ALIGN with your highest self + work?


The Dream Weaving Experience INCLUDES:

🔥Three 1:1 60-minute Muse Calls + bi weekly phone check in (25 mins)

💕A Monthly Plan of Action holding your 90-Day Vision in Heart

🌿Access to DAILY Voxer Support both group + Individual

👯‍♀️Monthly Group Call

🔮Access to Energy Readings + Bonus Rituals for Moon Energy

🍋Spiritual + Practical support to bring you home in life and biz.

Dream Weaving is my sacred vehicle to help you clarify your dreams, align with your purpose, and create a business with intention.

You are here for BIG THINGS. And it’s time to move beyond what we know, and into the space of creation, amplification, and alignment.

drop the doubt, claim the growth! let’s schedule a call today!

Don’t just take it from me that this is a transformational experience of empowerment, accountability, and RESULTS. Here are some REAL LIFE babes I have worked with!

Imagine the growth + expansion YOU could Create with a clear dream, an accountability partner, and a plan to bring it all together!✨

Elena Joy Thurston, TedX Speaker, Transformational Retreat Leader and CEO of The Elena Joy Experience:

“Just finished a Dreamscaping Session with Kristina. She helped me expand my vision (GO BIGGER!!), nail down timeframes, marketing connections, and strategy hacks. Best of all she GROUNDED ME IN MY TRUTH AND JOY". -@ElenaJoyExperience

Since our work together, Elena hosted a SOLD out retreat, launched an amazing freebie, and is taking the stage at her first TEDX Event!


Alison Jane Ryan, Self Love Coach & Host of the Alison Ryan Show

“Ever since my session with Kristina, I have felt excited and eager to work on my business and share new offerings with my tribe that feel fun and expansive. I can’t recommend this opportunity enough!” @IamAlisonRyan

In our work together we clarified Alison’s ideal client, successfully launched freebies to grow her list, and paid offerings in which she enrolled multiple clients!

I put these here not for you to compare, but to REALIZE- that YES, you can do this- and YES! You are Worthy of stepping in to the visions you hold for yourself!

It’s Time.

It’s ok if you feel hesitant or nervous about pursuing your DREAM. In all honesty, what I have come to learn is that I had been TRAINED to stay small. But as I dove deeper into a community of visionaries and world shifters- I realized that only I had that belief about myself.

And I had full permission to let it go. If it doesn’t serve you sister, it is just weighing you down.

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