Dream Weaving Devotional (( 90 Day ))

Dream Weaving Devotional (( 90 Day ))


This Three Month Devotional is the next level of work for those in the Exist Brightly Circle.

Three Months. 90 Days, 1/4 of the year. What can you receive, accomplish, grow into in that time? ANYTHING, sweet sister.

Shift is sexy babe- my mission is to help you REALIZE your sacred self- and release all the falsities which have been attached to it.

You are precious, your work- and energy are unique to YOU.

The Dream Weaving Devotional is the space for the sister ready to step into the practice of EMBODIMENT.

Reveal your multi faceted self & mission, and understand how to weave it all into your sacred work.

Three 60 minute 1:1 Muse Calls (1 per month) , paired with monthly accountability calls (30-45 minutes).

Enjoy personal, and Group Dreamscaping Voxer access over the course of 90 days to round out the support & strategy.

Dream Weaving launches into the widened perspective- breathing life into expansion and receiving- and weaving our thoughts, actions, and intentions together into creation.

This is the commitment you have been yearning for, and will also provide you the safe space to rise from.

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This package expires after 90 days after our first call to keep you accountable.

Thank You Sweet One,


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Ready to cut through the bullshit and step into your fullest potential?

These three 1:1 calls will help you drop in, get clear, and hit the gas on your BIG DREAMS.

In my process I like to get clear on where we have created self limiting beliefs. and smash through those blocks. We will get crystal clear on your vision, and have a Dreamscape Session to help you embody your big dreams and strategize how to bring them to fruition.

You are READY for this girlfriend. LETS GO!