Dreamscaping Session

Dreamscaping Session


This is the perfect one-shot session for any one in need of deeper clarity, and pursuing their soul’s purpose.

In our 60- minute call, we will get clear on your soul’s mission and create a detailed plan of action including a timeline for you to create the offering, or make the changes in life that you are dreaming of.

This can be used as both life coaching, or business coaching, and often they are intertwined.

We will do a deep dive on your energy + current self-belief systems. We will clear blocks and I will offer you wisdom around what tools will best support you in realigning with your spirit’s gift.

For those of you already in alignment, and working on getting a more enriched business view- I use Dreamscaping Sessions as a method to help you clarify a product, and create a plan of action to approach it with.

This is one of my personal favorite offerings as it is something I am BEST at!


1- 60 minute Muse call with me

One Month of GROUP VOXER Access with Me + other sisters currently in Dreamscaping

Deep energy dive & block removal to release limiting beliefs

Clarify your current purpose & move into your power

Create a detailed Plan of Action for life, business, or your launch

Crystal + Oil recommendations to serve this energy cycle, and your ambitions

Girlfriend, you are here for big things- and I am so honored to help you crystallize your big vision, create a clear plan of action, and support you in the VOXER!

Let’s do this Queen!

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